Internationale dank

Dear Mr Frank van Dalen

My name is Jen and I am working with TNT Express Worldwide N.V. located in Singapore.

I am writing personally to you to say thanks and to congratulate you on an amazing and successful Gay Pride 2009.

I was given the honour and pleasure to participate in this year's event and I was at the TNT Boat "Strutting My Stuff!!".

I just turned 41 on 11th August and all my life, I could only dream of being in Amsterdam and watching the Pride, let alone be in the boat.  You can imagine how excited I was when Mr Paul Overdijk invited me to come to Amsterdam to participate in this years Pride.

The event was so colourful, fun, exciting, exhilarating, mind-blowing, thrilling ................................ there are just too many adjectives to describe my feelings for this event.  The crowd were so "cool", very supportive and gave us so much encouragement.

I believe without a great bunch of organisers, this event would not have been a success.  I must say KUDOS!!! to you and to your wonderful team (organising committee) for making this event a "Once In a Lifetime" unforgettable experience for me.  I know that I am just one voice but I am a voice of sincerity, full of gratitue and coming straight from my heart.  You know ........... on my way back from the Pride as the boat leaves the canals and the crowd, i couldn' help but to just sit down and reminise the beautiful moment and the amazing experience i had that day.  Tears rolled down my cheeks and I have never felt so much warmth, closeness, sincerity and a strong bond i have developed with people i met in just 1 day.  I am not talking about just the people in the boat, more so the people i met in Amsterdam, the people in other boats, the people watching the parade and many more.

This truly was an experience that will last forever in my heart and I must say my biggest "THANKS" to you Mr Frank van Dalen for making this event a special one for me.  I believe little did you know that this event your organised would have such a wonderful effect on someone all the way from the far east which is Singapore.

I hope, if I am ever in Amsterdam, I would be given an opportunity to meet you to give you a good and warm hug from Singapore.

My warmest thanks again.  Here are 2 photos of me in the boat ........................ i am sure you can tell that I was having a wonderful time.


Ms JEN Janice Mohamed
Business Solutions Manager